Fight Hay Fever and Allergies the Natural Way with our Immunity Blend


As much as we all love the blossoming flowers of Spring, sometimes the pollen can take its toll on our sinuses and immune system. Research has shown that using Reishi can severely alter the onset of hayfever with its immune-modulating abilities. 

It's no new information that hay fever is created by antibodies which respond to certain pollens coming into contact with our system. These antibodies though doing their job to fight pollens will create a combination of reactions that lead to mast cell degranulation and localized release of histamine. This generally happens within the upper respiratory system connected to our lungs, throat and nose. As the chain of events occurs our sinuses become inflamed and ultimately it's not much fun for anyone. 

Through research, we have found multiple case studies of Reishi drastically deteriorating the effects of hay fever until patients became asymptomatic. 

How it works:

The immune system has two main branches. These are nonspecific, and antibody-mediated, or humoral responses. These responses are also known as Th1 and Th2. These fractions refer to the way in which activated T-helper cells respond to specific circumstances and the types of reactions that they instigate. T-helper cells, when activated, orchestrate certain responses and recruit certain cell types and drive them into action.

Both Th1 and Th2 are mutually inhibitory states – they cannot co-exist. When one becomes active, the other is suppressed. Th1 responses are responsible for our non-specific immunity, whereas Th2 is responsible for antibody-mediated reactions.

Reishi mushroom contains unique polysaccharides which dupes the immune system into shifting into the Th1 state. This will, in turn, greatly reduce all antibody-mediated responses, and the symptoms and reactions associated. Reishi polysaccharides do this by interacting with gut lymphatic tissue and setting off what is essentially an alarm response, which leads to systemic immune reactions, eventually priming T-helper cells to move into Th1. (1)

Long story short, Reishi helps to balance your system and create harmony through your body which helps stabilise auto-immune response and antibody-mediated reactions.

Spring has sprung, do you have your mushroom helpers?

Try both our straight wildcrafted Reishi or our Immunity Blend which offers Reishi and other immune-supporting tonics. 


W&S Team.

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